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Adding "edit sketch" command to Assembly in context menu when clicking on a face.

Question asked by Adam Nunn on Jun 14, 2018
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I'm hoping to be able to add the edit sketch tool to the in context menu that appears when you left click on a face of sheet metal part, either on the base flange or any other flange on that part. I have tried the customize button (see Pic. 2) for in context menus, but I can't find the edit sketch command in the lists of options to add.

Can this be done?




Back story / Rant...


This option shows up in the same menu when you left click on the face of a cut extrude, or a boss extrude, but for some reason on a sheet metal part, you have to click on the part, click edit part, then click again on the flange you want to edit so it is highlighted in the feature tree, then click on the feature, then click edit sketch. With the larger assemblies I have to sometimes work in, I get a few seconds delay after each click, so editing a sketch can sometimes be really frustrating, and it ends up being faster to instead click open part, and then switch back and forth, measuring manually in the assembly and then editing in the part, with a piece of paper in front of me to write down numbers, rather than just changing a flange to extend to a face of another part for example.