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Is it possible to link the PDM Admin user to a domain account?

Question asked by Mason Benzinger on Jun 14, 2018
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I would like to know if it is possible to link the PDM Pro Admin user to a domain account.



We are using Windows Login>Automatic Login as the archive server default settings.

We are experiencing an issue in where personal domain accounts become locked if a domain user logs out of their personal PDM user and logs in as the Admin user (i.e. to undo checkout or delete a document checked out my another user).

This only happens on our production server, and is not repro in the test environment, nor have I been able to locate any such incidents in the KB.  So, we expect that it is an internal configuration issue, and is not caused by PDM Pro.

I have contacted our VAR to help us work out the problem.

One solution proposed by our IT department was to create a unique domain account for the Admin user, as a semi-permanent fix until the issue is found and possibly resolved. The idea is that we might avoid the lockout problem if there is no discrepancy between the domain and PDM user accounts logged in on the client.


Any other possible solutions or insight to the problem would be appreciated as well.


Thanks in advance,