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Ballooning issue (*) 1 Sub-Ass'y has it the other doesn't

Question asked by Jim Moses on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Jim Moses

Hi all,


I have a weird case, I have 2 different sub-assy's both the options on the configuration is set the same, and the same parameters are set at the assembly, so none are excluded from the BOM. 


on the primary detail view that the BOM was created from the 1 Sub-Ass'y is (*) while the other is the corresponding item number


(*) Item



Item with corresponding item number:



So what am I missing or have set incorrectly as based on this I would expect them to behave the same

(not sure if it matters or not, but both assemblies have Virtual components and are in 2016 as read only due to use using a library and still  having to do legacy work for other vendors, also neither has components that are excluded from BOM as well)