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Adjusting a multi body after creating an assembly

Question asked by Adam Stewart on Jun 14, 2018
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Hopefully this is right place to ask questions, been using 2015 for a while, but recently changed jobs and new place has 2018, now when I create a multi body and then at end of tree I would save those bodies out using the save bodies command and create assembly I could open newly created assembly file and then just right click and either open part or edit in context. In 2018 it when I rightrclicj and edit part/open file part it basically looses the tree structure of the part (so you can't change anything) similar to creating a parasolid/STP etc where it will just show you the file there a setting somewhere I need to turn on to allow this sort of's a fresh install of solidworks never had it in office before I got here, but I never had to setup solidworks in any of my other positions, so not sure if this is a setting I am missing or if they have changed the way you need to edit multibody parts in assembly?