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PDM Standard Workflow and Custom properties show up as blank in conditions and actions tests

Question asked by Craig Makarowski on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by Mike Olander
PDM Standard Work flow configuration issue. Well i have setup Conditions and actions to submit a drawing in the Work flow. Only to find that this as built config in the data card that copied from when i put in vault that doesn't copy to the Default which was originally the default is now blank and my work flow only sees default from the drop down of the variables. very disappointed in no macros, and this as built state that we are forced to use. Default should copy to default period not as built. how do i get teh work flow to see all the variables that are in the as built config and have come from the parts/assemblies / drawings that i have added to my standard vault? I do not want to have to edit every part and assembly and drawing that i add to the vault (duplication of work) for thousands of files! SolidWorks sure has goofed on this! I was so close to having a work work flow!


Better yet how do i put a part/drawing into the vault so that the default config has the variables loaded? sure is not right when it is the default in the first place.

I have put many custom properties in to my parts, Library part assemblies, and drawings, just want to get PDM standard to play nice and boy is this circular!!