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guitar modeling issues

Question asked by Justin H on Feb 22, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2009 by Jerry Steiger
i have two guitar files im working on, one im trying to make a proper carved top les paul, i have the offset outline placed approximately where it should be on a les paul before the carved top begins to bulge.. and i even have a 3D partial outline of the contour of the carved to..

the other thing im trying to do is model a neck thru strat type guitar, i have the neck contoured properly, body contoured properly, what im having trouble doing is getting the neck, body, and horns to blend in with no heel (look at the back of an ESP M-II NTB, or jackson soloist guitar)

any ideas on how i can accomplish these two tasks?... ive tried uploading the .SLDPRT files, but it keeps telling me the file type is not permitted.. so ill link to photos for now

the strat:

the les paul: