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    Can a thrust force due to heat be modeled? Can a Motion Study be created?

    Lisa Soderlind

      Hello everyone,


      Imagine a hot air balloon, but without the basket. (so just the spherical hollow balloon part.) I want to be able to show that the balloon will fly up given a heat source, but I am struggling to figure out where to start.


      I have Simulation and Flow Simulation (Student Version)


      I know the overall chain of events might be:

      1) some kind of thermal analysis (either Flow Simulation or a Thermal study in Simulation)

      2) importing the thermal data into a static study (because the force is generated due to the heat)

      3) importing the force results into a Motion Study


      I initially tried to use Flow Simulation, but there's no velocity parameter that I could input. All I really want is a plate/point that is generating heat on the inside of the balloon, so that might not be the right solution.


      Thank you for reading and helping! I definitely understand that this is a pretty complicated idea, but I hope I can get something working!