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Drawing Feature Manager show wrong file name?

Question asked by Richard Ahlgrim on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by Tom Gagnon

I'll try to make this brief.

In SW2017 I have a part, design table, and a drawing.

I've moved these files from my local drive to a network drive and then renamed all three files.

I've opened all three files and have made sure all three are linking to the correct file with the new name.

Everything works fine with one exception.

In the drawing the under the Feature Manager Design Tree it shows the old file name under Drawing View 1.

Section views and details created from that view show the new name.

File References shows the new name.

If I right click on the old name the dialog box shows the new name, i.e. "Open Part (new name.sldprt".


Anyone have a clue what's happening here or how I might fix it?



Richard in Houston