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Windows Explorer hang opening vault view

Question asked by Joe Grosskopf on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by Phil Morris

I have one issue with one computer and I am out of ideas how
to fix. The issue is, when then computer boots from “off” (cold boot), and the
user attempt to open Solidworks vault, windows explorer hangs. You have to go to
task manager and restart windows explorer and then all is good for the remainder
of the time the computer is up. If you restart (warm boot), no issue….only from
a cold boot. I have tried:


  1. Reinstalling Vault (PDM Client)
  2. Re-linking the view
  3. Uninstalled, removed from registry and then reboot and reinstalled
  4. Sfc  /scannow
  5. Malware scan
  6. New video card (I saw on one thread windows explorer hang is due to video card issues)
  7. Checking event viewer (nothing there)
  8. Deleting and re-creating user profile


I am at my end…anything you can think of to try?