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Revolve Design Library Feature with Only Two References

Question asked by Tanner Johnson on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Solid Air

Im trying to create a library feature that only needs a point and a plane/surface for reference. The issue is I am trying to do this with a revolve feature similar to how the hole wizard works; however, I can either not get the plane to generate off of the just those two references or I have more references that need to be added when applying the feature to a part. Is there a way to create a revolve feature for the design library that will only need a surface/plane and a point?


Update 7/25/2018: Figured out a way to do a revolve while still keeping only two references. The key is in how you place your initial sketch and those after. If you do not reference (as long as you do not need orientation i.e. a circle) then you can just use a line in the sketch at an undesignated angle/length and then use a first cut extrude to convert your initial point. You can then create a plane using those references and when you use those of the revolve, as long as you do not add any references in the revolve besides dimensions and these previously defined references, you can do a revolve with only a plane/face and a point.


Update 7/26/2018: Figured out you don't even need an extrude cut. Just use the first surface/face/plane that you start with and offset another plane. Make your first sketch with a point and then convert that point from that sketch onto the other plane. You can then either place a random, non-referenced line or a dot without references to create your plane that can revolve. The dot doesn't have to be in either of the sketches, just make sure it isn't in a line with the other two or that it doesn't add an external reference. It may help to have an axis made from the first two dots so that you can remove any horizontal/vertical relations and have them as perpendicular or parallel.


Update 7/26/2018 (continued): Sorry about so many rapid fire updates, learning a lot of different stuff from using this application. If you do the second method with only sketches and planes, you can't directly import those sketches and the features. It will mess up the Library feature. You will need to collect the group in a file (as in highlight what you want in the file, right click, and choose add to new folder) and then click the folder and whatever features (probably a revolve or something similar) and add as a library feature. You will then need to open that library feature and under the file, add each sketch, plane, and axis (or whatever you have in the file) to the library feature using the "add to library" option. This will add the drawings without causing your library feature to become something else.


If you find a better way, please let me know.