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    Large Curved Monitors - who is using one?

    John Matrishon

      So, I've been using dual screens for years, but because of current setup with a laptop and an extra larger monitor it makes for quite an uncomfortable desk setup.

      Not only are the screens grossly different in size, but your laptop screen becomes a waste as a 2nd monitor because of the reduced size for daily eye strain.

      I've added a separate USB keyboard and relocated my large screen front and center to reduce the twist in orientation while trying to use the two screens.

      What I'd like to do is replace the current 24" widescreen with a curved 32" monitor with better than 1920x1080 resolution and close the laptop completely and move it away from the workspace.  Most of the new curved monitors have virtual screens to separate applications without having to span across displays.


      Who is currently using a single super wide screen?  And how do you like it?