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Copy Settings Wizard Restore Problem

Question asked by 1-D2DSAQ on Feb 22, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by Anna Wood
As administrator of Solidworks at my company, I set up a SolidWorks Standards directory and mapped out all templates, tables, formats, etc thru the options settings, then used the copy settings wizard to create a template that could be loaded onto all users workstations.
I am encountering a problem with the copy settings wizard on both v2008 and v2009. When attempting to restore the settings to other users computers, all corporate settings (format locations, etc.) are copied into the registry except referenced documents search paths. I've opened the registry file (sldreg) and the locations are there, but will not load...

Currently our company does not utilize PDM and all released files are stored in a network drive that has an extensive amount of sub-directories. The amount of time it will take to have all the users map out these drives will be extensive and I will not be able to ensure consistancy.
Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, is there a soultion?

Personal Opinion... Solidworks needs to take a lesson from PTC and use a text based file (similar to that can be easily modified, reside in a standards directory and accessed thru the options button.
There should also be a way for administrators to enforce standards locations and their usage (Set and then "grey-out" settings such as formats, templates etc.) such a PTC's config.sup