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Title block in SW drawing not updating or linked with summery information

Question asked by Matt Thomas on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Matt Thomas

Ello all


I am currently working on my first drawing. I do not have any templates set up so I am using the default ANSI landscape for 17x11 paper size with default title block.


I have dimensioned my drawing, driven and driving, and have finished adding all my notations. Where I am having trouble, with my PART MODEL open, I go to file>properties>custom. From here I add stuff such as PROJECT for property type, text for type, then DRAWING DEMO for value or text expression. I hit ok/save and go back to my drawing and nothing has been updated in the title block area.


here is my part.. its a strange part to. no idea its function...


Could it be that I made it on one pc at school which uses 2017, then I went to another campus that uses 2018??