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Calculation continues after Solidworks crash

Question asked by Matthew King on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by Clinton Clinton Grover

I'm running a fairly large assembly simulation in flow.  I had a couple of crashes when executing the simulation, not sure why.  I have been able to run the model successfully with a couple different configurations.  Two calculations were halted by Solidworks (2018 sp2.0) crashes.  When the software starts up again, the feature tree says that the simulations are still [ Calculating... ].  I'm not able to modify the study, but if I switch to different study, I have full access and can even run that simulation.


After it happened the second time, flow simulation is telling me I have reached the maximum number of concurrent simulations.  So... now I'm stuck.  I can't run anymore simulations until I figure out how to stop these two.  I have opened my computer's task manager and there are no active processes being run by the flow solver.  The computer has been restarted, still says it's calculating.  It seems to be something in the saved file that keeps opening in this state.  I have right clicked the study and selected the 'open monitor' and the typical flow simulation window opens, it says 'preparing model...' but never makes progress.  I let it sit overnight with the monitor open.  I have tried stopping it from within the monitor and by right clicking the study in tree....nothing.


Please help me!


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