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Installation Problem with Solidworks 2017 sp 0.Desktop icon dont show up after installation.

Question asked by Jillur Rahman on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Jillur Rahman

I have recently installed solidworks.But,it does not show any desktop icon of solidworks.In the "programs and features" menu i see that the "Solidworks 2017 sp0" which i finished installing is present.But,no icon anywhere to be found.When i searched it in the "search" bar afs "Solidworks 2017" i found nothing.Results came for soludworks explorer,compose player but not "solidworks" which i will click and open the program to sketch. I gave installation to solidworks 2017 sp 0.I m guessing it is an installation problem.May be solidworks did not install though i see it in "programs and features".


(I have attached the three pictures showing solidwrks showing in programs and features but does not come in search menu or on desktop)