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    Probably a very easy topic

    Alberto Silingardi

      Hello everybody, it is already a month that I look for solving this little issue:


      I post the photograph of the real object and the 3d model: I'm happy I did everything it was important to me except, the written part I'm desperate and I feel stupid




      How would you proceed?

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          Alex Burnett

          Personally, I would create a label of minimal thickness (0.002" or something) and wrap it around the outside of the cylinder to give me the base shape. I would then take those dimensions and move over to an image editing software, such as GIMP or Photoshop, to create an image that I can use as a decal on the label. The image creation is a whole other process in itself but if you have the artwork already then you can resize it pretty easily.


          From there, you can take the image (my preference is a .png format) and wrap it onto the label surface as a decal. This is what I did below on this barcode tag. The decal tool is located here:


          I know that's pretty high level but it's how I would approach it.


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            Dan Pihlaja

            You could use a decal to do what you want.


            This is literally the 2nd time I have ever used the feature (both times were for demonstration purposes for this Forum) and its pretty cool.

            Use the "Edit Decal" Feature.


            (Honestly, that was the only picture that I had on my desktop....)