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Why is my system so slow on this part?

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Kevin Andrews

I have a custom configured computer running SW2017 SP4.1 - we have 2018, but haven't upgraded yet.


Here are my computer specs:

and an Nvidia Quadro K4000 graphics card.


I have Windows automatic updates set to ask before installation - and I haven't installed anything lately.


I am working on a relatively simple part:

The part has a couple of loft sweeps (1 thin feature extrude and one loft cut) - each section of the sweep has a changing profile. It has a few fillets, including some variable size fillets. It also has draft added as this will be a cast part. All of this is par for the course of what I do on any given day. For size reference, this part is roughly 9 3/4" from flange face to flange face and 17 1/4" center of flange to center of flange.

Oh, it also has a little bit os surfacing in there too - just to cut the logo the way I wanted it - offset surface by depth of logo and cut with surface.


Several times now, I have tried to put all of the steps in the design tree in to a folder (since all of this is the cast work) and every time, I crash. It repeatedly goes through a rebuilding process and I end up having to manually exit the program by using task manager because the program is not responding.


Also, whenever I do anything that relates to previously completed tasks (like modifying a sweep or changing the offset depth on a surface), it takes FOREVER.




I have already ran Solidworks RX - the only report is that I have a newer version available (2018) and that I have toolbox installed locally (we use a pdm server).