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Swept Cut and Boss/Base Errors with Direction Vector

Question asked by Eli Josephs on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by Kieran Young



I'm hoping to get a solution to this.


I need to make a complex "sheet metal" part. I use quotes because I am using standard features, not anything specific to the sheet metal features in SW. I am running SW 2017-2018.


Basically, I need to create a joggle all the way around a C shaped piece. I would accomplish this with two features: A swept cut, and a swept boss/base. The profile the joggle is on, requires a 3D sketch as the path. As such, it also requires a direction vector so that it doesn't twist around. I am using the face of the part as the vector input, which in the preview looks great!


Clicking the check, processes for a while then returns the error: Operation Failed due to geometric condition. I've read several other people who have had that issue, but I can't find any solutions for what I'm specifically doing.


I attached the part file here. I am trying to sweep Sketch6 along 3DSketch1.


I haven't used the Pack and Go utility before, so I'm hoping this works... If you pull the rollback bar down, you can see what the type of joggle I'm trying to do is, in a linear direction.


Any help appreciated.