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Solidworks won't open or start

Question asked by Buck Wheat on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2020 by Jason Young

Hello All,


Solidworks 2017 won't open or start after clicking to open the main program.  Other solidworks applications can open fine, just not the main.  there is no splash screen and i'm not sure if the sldworks.exe even opens at all.


Any ideas as to what the issue could be?


Recently my company sent out a windows update and updates to c++ 2015 redistributables. when these new updates came through, whenever the computer would restart, it would come up with a prompt that said "an app on your pc needs the following windows feature" : .net framework 3.5 (and of course this comes already installed on windows 10)

So far I have repaired the c++ redistributables 2008-2015 (if I couldn't repair I uninstalled / reinstalled).  I have installed the windows feature .net 3.5 by taking the PC off the domain, installing from windows updates, and putting the PC back on the domain.  I have repaired soldiworks once, once after doing the c++ repairs ; and I have also "modified" solidworks in programs and features without making changes to see if something needed to be reinstalled.


windows 10 ; hp laptop 840 g2