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Taps or bridges in Solidworks CAM

Question asked by Theo Vigliocco on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Michael Buchli

Hello Everyone.


Today i'm going to ask something that i wonder if it can be done on SW18 CAM.


I'm modelling some sheets to be cutted in a CNC to fold it later. The thing is that several programs has the option of adding taps/tabs/bridges trough a contour. For those who are not following me, by tap/tab/bridge i mean a little part along the contour that is not cutted enterily by the tool. It would be very intresting to see that function in sw 18 and if it exists and i didn't know, please tell me. I searched everywhere and could not find it... The only way a can do that is through modelling those tabs/bridges, which is very annoying.


Thanks for all!


PD: In the next link you can watch something more about what i am talking about. CAD/CAM bridges and tabs | MecSoft Corporation