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How to Change the Dual Dimension for a Select Few Dimensions but not all Dimensions?

Question asked by Victor Carosi on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Victor Carosi

Hi all,


Got a drawing showing installation heights and whatnot for a product install. Primary unit is "feet & inches" which I have rounded to the nearest fraction, and secondary is "millimeters" with no precision. This works as intended, however, on bigger dimensions (Like 5' and up) I would like meters to display instead of millimeters. I do not want to change the entire document dual display to meters, however, since most of the dimensions in inches/millimeters which I want. I tried going to override units since this is only a select few dimensions that I need to change to meters, but I did not see a way to change the dual dimension, only the primary.


This question seems very google-able but all the results are people asking how to change all their units, not just some.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!