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Sheet metal properties lost when deleting source body of pattern

Question asked by Karsten Sorensen on Jun 11, 2018
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I am creating a part as a weldment with structural members and sheet metal plates, while doing so I've encountered an issue. I am modeling a mast with a lot of identical members, which I want to separate into three welded sections. I am doing this by using configurations and delete/keep body features.


When creating a sheet metal base flange, creating a pattern of it and afterwards deleting the source body, the cut list folder icon changes and properties can't evaluate properly. However, creating a move/copy bodies of the same metal base flange, and afterwards deleting the source surprisingly seems to evaluate properly.


Same patterning procedure on structural members works fine.


Is this a bug? See attached pictures where I've recreated the issue. I'm on SW 17 SP 3.0