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    Flow Simulation Problem

    Xy Light

      I'm running problem using flow simulation Solidworks 2018 Sp2 and Sp3, when i run the turbine with rotating region it does not behave to the i want but when i run without rotating region the behavior of the water is exactly what i want, I never had a problem like this in SW 2014 and 2015.

      with rotating region


      without rotating region

      No rotation.JPG

      ive attached my examples file of the above picture

      I cannot attached the file i'm working due to rules but this is the picture of what im working


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          Xy Light

          Another one is that i cannot find the option to select reference axis in the rotating setup environment so ive search in the google a picture of 2016 rotating set up environment and here is what ive found.




          for 2018 the reference axis dropdown is missing