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    EPDM Dispatch

    R. Vignesh

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to run a dipatch action where a data card variable value gets updated with the name of the file.

      But right now when i run the dispatch action it successfully updates the data card variable value but i get the extention of the file also.

      I don't want the file extention on the data card value.

      I am also attaching the dispatch file and screenshot of my card for reference.

      Can someone please guide me ?

      Description Update.JPG

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          Joy Garon



          Is there a reason why you would do this with Dispatch instead of in the data card? (see image)



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            R. Vignesh

            Hello Joy,

            Actually the description of the file is its file name.

            And there are lot legacy files which the user is trying to bring in to the EPDM vault.

            It would be tough for the user to bring in all the files in and change the description of each file.

            So i thought to use the dispatch action for the same.


            Thanks & Regards,


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              Joy Garon

              Have a look at this dispatch on how to get the filename without the extension.

              Tip: Use OK Messagebox to debug your dispatch before you perform any actions.

              Perfect your variables first, then, when they are correct, you can just plug them into the appropriate actions.


              Good Luck,


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                Joy Garon

                Also, be careful with the checkin/checkout actions.

                If you select a bunch of files and the action is to 'checkout', but, they are already 'checked out', you will get an error.

                (There is no check for this)


                Instead what I do is use an OK Messagebox to ask if the files are in the correct state (ie: checked in or checked out).

                I store the answer is a runtime variable.

                Then I check the value of the runtime variable value in a Jump statement and if they answered no, I go to a label at the end of the file.

                (Usually with another OK Messagebox telling them what they need to do).