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Mapping File Centerlines won't go to ByLayer, but Center marks do?

Question asked by Jim Moses on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Jim Moses

Hi all,


OK I am working thru trying to convert to a DWG file and have a centerline layer (CEN) and I have assigned this to both the centerlines and center marks. (note the layers are in 2 different colors SW-color 144 ACAD-color 4, so you can see it.


All the geometry that is on the CEN layer changes in Autocad to layer-CEN, color ByLayer, but for some reason the centerlines will not come up ByLayer for the color like everything else does.



It changes for the center mark or any sketch line on that layer,but not for the centerlines.


If I draw a sketch line in a view(bonding box) and assign it to the CEN layer it changes accordingly and is ByLayer yet any centerline is CEN and color 144


Only way it will change is if I select (only map entities that are not on SolidWorks layers, but that does not convert the rest of the drawing correctly like I need.


Any suggestions?