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Uninstall SW2018

Question asked by Marc Plensou on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Marc Plensou

My installation of SW2017 and 2018 started showing problems.

It started with errors in stardard components of the toolbox, nuts would look odd. Somehow there would be changes to the part files of the stardard components.

I tried looking at one of them (they are read only) and saw that it had lost mate references and the equation driven dimensions didn't work.


Then I discovered, no equations would work at all. They all came up with the error "The syntax of this equation is incorrect".

I guess thats why the standard toolbox components all look odd.

(See attached picture.)


Another thing is, this affected both my SW2017 and SW2018 installation.


I then uninstalled 2017 without trouble,(Installing 2017 again did not fix any of the problems), but it wouldn't uninstall 2018,

it comes up with an error "Internal error: The Windows installer for this product component did not run as expected: UnRegisterCWAdoServer32."

I found that, CAM is the culprit. I could uninstall the rest, but how do I uninstall CAM?

(See attached picture.)


Can I remove all traces of solidworks on my pc (all inclusive) and then install it again?

Would I lose my license?


I have had 2016 installed earlier, but I still see traces of it.


I have PDM installed too and I don't want to lose that.


Our VAR doesn't have a solution, they wrote a SR, but haven't heard anything yet.

They think I should have my pc completely reinstalled.


BTW. I am using a Windows 10 computer.