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selecting the right configuration with equation

Question asked by David Nabulsi on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja

Dear All,

This is not my original question, but if I manage to find the answer for this, my question would be answered.

I made a wire frame cuboid with tree dimensions which are: Height, Depth and Width. I definitely have tree main bars to be able to make this cuboid. The length of the first bar is equal to Height...the length of the second bar is equal to Depth and the length of the third bar is equal to Width...and I need four of each bar to make my wire frame cuboid...that's obvious.


I define three global variables as "Height", Depth", and "Width" and three simple equations to make my, when I enter the values for "Height", "Depth" and "Width", the wire frame cuboid is made.


Imagine each bar has 10 configurations i.e. config1, config2, config3,..., config9, and config10. config1 means that the length of the bar is for example 100mm, config2 means the length is 200mm and so on. I want to use these configurations in my cuboid. i.e. when I enter "Height"=800, "Depth"=300, and "Width"=600, which are corresponding to config8, config3, and config6, the right configuration for each bar is selected and the assembly is made. This way, I will have just one part in part level with different configurations and I don't need to have three different bars.


It is obvious that I cannot create configurations for the assembly as I need 10x10x10=1000 configurations which is ridiculous.


Thank you for your great helps in advance.