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    Firefox crashing when logged into PDM

    Chad Cutter

      Any other Firefox user out there experience Firefox crashes when logged into PDM?


      I have my computer as both PDM server and client.  Ever since setting up PDM, Firefox (My browser) crashes when I try to access windows explorer within Firefox to upload a file, save a file...etc.



      1. You're logged into PDM.
      2. You want to upload a file to Dropbox, or any other website...Facebook...etc.
      3. When Firefox tries to open windows explorer, Firefox crashes.


      This only occurs when I'm logged into PDM, if I log off then no more crashes.  Also if I use another browser such as edge...I can be logged on to PDM and upload files with another browser.


      My VAR has no idea, so I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this as well...  Yes I know the easy answer is not to use Firefox, but that is so customized for me that using another would be a pain...

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          Sam Sam


          I use Firefox with PDM more than 7 years.

          If it is necessary to save the page - I use the *.mht format - saving in one file (archive).

          There are no problems at the same time.

          For this purpose I use Adding - "Mozilla Archive Format" or "UnMHT".

          But it works at Firefox - x32 bit, on new - х64 bit versions from 5.11.2018 - this support will be stopped - it is recommended to use Addition of "Save Page WE".

          I have many files *.mht - and not only in PDM - that I will do - now cannot tell. I tried something - now definitely I do not remember.

          There are some options, but they not really suit me.


          Now about failures - the reason most likely in scripts of Java and other files - to which logically react an antivirus and settings of the browser.

          Besides - Firefox shall be set up on start with the rights of the administrator and process (including the shortcut menu) is added to antivirus exceptions.

          It is also perhaps necessary to disconnect the Defender of Windows or DEP.

          I tried options with other browsers, with a regret of suitable options did not find.

          To save the page in the *.html format - you should not even try is hundreds of files with different extensions.


          If someone has any other variants and sentences - it interests me too.


          Also in the vault settings - on the Adding of Files tab it is necessary to add extension of "mht".

          Most likely the reason of failures also in impossibility of automatic adding of not specified extensions of files.

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            John Huntington

            Yes I have the same issue.  The program comes when you want to upload or save any file that forces it to open up file explorer.  I can't even right click to save pictures or like you said upload files.  I always get a popup that says "failed to connect to vault" then Firefox crashes.  Edge, Chrome, Opera, all work just fine it's just firefox, the one I use the most.

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              Sam Sam

              And it is possible to learn what Firefox version? And what Windows?

              I do not remember the exact reason, but I use only old versions of Firefox (unfortunately).

              Did not try to set something from old versions?

              I decided thus solved a problem with XnView - new versions were less functional.


              One more option - a problem in some security settings of the program, Windows, antivir/firewall softs.

              There is an opportunity to check something by other machine or Virtual machine?

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                Chad Cutter

                Latest version of Firefox, Win10 Pro vr 1803, SW 2018 SP3.0.  If you happen to recall what the fix was, there's at least 2 user that could use a tip or two.

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                    Sam Sam


                    I have checked Firefox of 47.0.2 (x64) - any problems with pdm SW-2018 SP3.

                    The truth I checked in Win-7x64 where I have established Comodo Internet Security that it is very convenient for settings.

                    Without problems I have save and I have opened "html" of file + the folder (with referenced files). Check/Uncheck, Open - without problems.

                    I didn't try to keep in one file (mht-arhiv type) because there is no time - but has to work (it is necessary to establish addition).

                    From this I draw a simple conclusion - a problem in the Windows settings.

                    In Windows 10 - it is rather difficult to adjust a firewall (in comparison with Windows7 + Comodo). Except a firewall there is still a service of Protection of the software, and settings of Firefox.

                    All this can glitch if there are no necessary settings or exceptions.

                    Probably a problem in it.

                    For a start, it is necessary to add processes and/or the Firefox and Windows Exlorer applications to exceptions.

                    Firefox.exe - to adjust on start with the rights of the administrator.

                    It is possible - to add the account of the current user on a label of local view Vault.

                    The reasons can be much.

                    Also some Windows updates can be the cause.

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                    John Huntington

                    I figured out how to fix it.  I ran it in comparability mode for windows 7 and it stopped trying to open the vault and crashing.

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                      James Howard

                      I've had this issue for years, I even switched to Edge for a while (not joking, very regretful).  This issue with Firefox presents primarily when there are PDM folders that appear in the Quick Access area in Explorer.  Firefox doesn't know how to handle the path and crashes.  The same thing happens with Firefox when a normal Quick Access path is invalid.  For anyone that has this issue and the compatibility mode is not helping: removing the PDM folders from quick access also solves the problem (until they appear in quick access again).