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Firefox crashing when logged into PDM

Question asked by Chad Cutter on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Patricio Schurter

Any other Firefox user out there experience Firefox crashes when logged into PDM?


I have my computer as both PDM server and client.  Ever since setting up PDM, Firefox (My browser) crashes when I try to access windows explorer within Firefox to upload a file, save a file...etc.



  1. You're logged into PDM.
  2. You want to upload a file to Dropbox, or any other website...Facebook...etc.
  3. When Firefox tries to open windows explorer, Firefox crashes.


This only occurs when I'm logged into PDM, if I log off then no more crashes.  Also if I use another browser such as edge...I can be logged on to PDM and upload files with another browser.


My VAR has no idea, so I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this as well...  Yes I know the easy answer is not to use Firefox, but that is so customized for me that using another would be a pain...