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    Serial Number should not increment when moved to another folder

    Danish Shaikh

      Hey all!

      I have been trying to achieve this from a long time,  but unable to do so.

      Basically what i wanted to achieve is as mentioned below,

      I have two folder viz., Folder A and Folder B.

      Now Folder A & B is driven by incremental serial number. (lets say solidworks part file)

      Eg: AB 01

             AB 02

      Whenever a solidworks part file reaches the approved state, it moves/is moved to Folder B--> Approved Folder ( for now manually ), This is where the real part begins...

      Now in Folder B, I have a template that creates a new project folder

      Eg : PROJ 01

              PROJ 02 .

      Now I moved that approved part file from approved folder  ( AB 01) to a project folder ( PROJ 01) and make a assembly for with the same name (PROJ 01) .

      This can be achieved by assigning a serial number to the assembly with the same project folder number.

      But the different parts created(AB 01) in that  PROJ 01 has the increment part files.

      For eg;

      Folder B

         PROJ 01

            ASSEM 01

              AB 01

              AB 02.


      Instead of the above file name , I want something like this,

      Folder B

        PROJ 01

           ASSEM 01

             AB 01  XYZ

             AB 01  DEF  ,

      So here AB 01 should not increment. How to restrict this serial number for a folder.

      Now XYZ, DEF are manual inputs,

      Again if i want to create PROJ 02, files should be

      PROJ 02

           ASSEM 02

             AB 02  GHI

             AB 02  KLM.


      Guys ,How this can be possible?