Joe Dunfee

Convincing SW installer to use local files and not download again?

Discussion created by Joe Dunfee on Feb 20, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2009 by Brian Hughes
I have been over this many times, and spent many hours on this. The last time I went over it with my dealer, about 6 mos ago, he said there was some sort of problem and I would just have to let SW download everything all over again.

I am yet, doing it again. In a (perhaps vain) attempt to get my SW install working nicely with my video, I have just finished wiping my hard drive clean, and spent 3 hours getting windows installed.

I hoped that my previous downloads of the service packs would be of some help, but it looks like it isn't. When I started the install from the CD, it prompted me to download SP2.1 and install it instead of the CD version. I was glad to avoid the "install old version" / "install update" sequence, but had hoped to avoid the time consuming download. But, no joy here.

So, the next best would be to install the older version from the CD, and then the 2.1 update from my saved files. But, yet again, even though I run the updatemanager from the directory when I saved it, it automatically goes to download all the files again. I cannot find any way around this.

Is there something I am missing?

Joe Dunfee