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    PDM Pro - Word document not showing CARD values

    Douglas Folk

      Notice - the REA number appears fine.

      The Author - is populated see right hand pane.

      But document isn't update.

      Yes it's checked in and the field is there.

      Alt-F9 shows fields.

      What step am I forgetting?


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          Steve Ostrovsky

          I would start by opening up the Word doc and looking at the Custom Properties just like you would in SolidWorks. Are the ECO Author fields present and filled out with a value or not? If they are present with no value, then check your variable mappings. If they are both present with values, then there's something in your Word doc field setup.


          Just in case you haven't seen it, the Administration Guide explains how to setup a Word macro (doesn't work in Excel).


          Variable Mapping for Microsoft Office Example: Adding a Refresh Macro

          Instead of manually updating the fields that are linked to a custom variable, you can create a macro that automatically updates the fields every time a document is opened. Without the macro, if you update the value of the linked fields by editing the file data card, the values are not automatically updated when you open the document. To update the fields, you must select them and refresh them by pressing F9.


          To add a refresh macro:

          1. Start Microsoft Word.

          2. Select Tools > Macro > Macro, or press Alt + F8.

          3. For Macro name field, type AutoOpen and click Create .

          4. In the code window, insert the following macro code between Sub AutoOpen() and

               End Sub:

                    Dim aStory As Range

                         Dim aField As Field

                              For Each aStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges

                                   For Each aField In aStory.Fields


                                   Next aField

                              Next aStory

          5. Save and close the code window.


          Also, be aware that Microsoft has a limit on the number of characters in a custom property. If you have a memo type field that can have a large amount of descriptive data, it will get truncated if mapped to a Word custom property (part of the reason why I use XML files for EC control).


          Good luck!!

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            Douglas Folk

            Ok. Fundamental problem -


            I forgot to update "File extensions for which the attribute is valid." duh... didn't have docx or doc.



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              Gary Hamm

              I have done this and saved my Document as a Macro Enabled word template, to be used as our work instruction templates.

              But when other users open the document it shows as blank.

              I have the footer pulling in Variable of Author and Variable of Revision from PDM.

              How do I get the other users able to see the document when they open it. I am sure its got to be a window options setting...??/