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    replace multiple appearances?

    Damir Galic

      Hi, I still can't find out how to replace appearance that's attached to multiple bodies, surfaces... etc

      Assuming I want to replace circular pattern with sandblasted as on the picture, how can I do that? Do I need to add new appearance individually to each object or is there some trick to change appearance with another?


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          Richard Earley

          Hi Damir,


          With the Appearance Selection tool on, you should be able to select the appearances that you with to change on the model (using Ctrl to multi select), then double click an appearance from the Library tab.


          Note, this does not work when you double click on an appearance in the appearance tab.


          The other method would be to use the Shift + LMB to copy and Shift + RMB to paste the appearances.


          Hopefully that will do the trick!



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            Ron Bates
            • Whenever you drag/drop from the library...a NEW copy of the appearance is added to the project.  Sometimes you want that (if you want to adjust one red plastic slightly from another red plastic).
            • You can drag/drop from your appearances tab as well, to re-use an existing appearance.  This way the appearance isn't duplicated, and just assigned to multiple parts.
            • You can right click and choose Edit, Copy, then Right click another part (or ctrl-selected parts) and choose Edit, Assign Appearance: NameOfCopiedAppearance.
            • You can also, while in appearance selection mode, SHIFT-LEFT click an appearance on a part. Then SHIFT-RIGHT click on other parts to quickly copy/past the appearance.
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                Alan Sweetenham

                Hi Ron that's a good summary i think the majority of cases I come across are where you want to substitute an appearance applied in SOLIDWORKS for a higher quality or custom appearance created in Visualize so any improvements to the workflow for this would be great especially with the newly created appearances in Viz 2018 that match the corresponding ones in SOLIDWORKS. looking forward to 2019 beta already sure there will be plenty of nice surprises from the Viz team.

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                Kristina Dougherty

                This is also a helpful trick to re-assign existing appearances: copy the new appearance you want to apply, then right click on the existing appearance, go to edit then "assign appearance: ...." . The example below shows how to change all the blue parts to Satin Finish Stainless Steel in just a few clicks. No need to go one by one. Hope this helps!