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Sheet Metal Appears To Be "Melting"

Question asked by 1-E9V5A2 on Feb 20, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2009 by 1-E9V5A2

Has anybody seen a problem like this in using simulation? I am using Solidworks 2009 SP 1.0. The model has sheet metal (mostly) which Sim is treating as shells quite nicely, and some shafts treated as solids with coarse mesh. The solids are there to lend structural support or just to accurately represent the real life product.

The forces I have turned on are gravity and a 2g stopping deceleration to simulate a sudden stop. The sheet metal panels on my assembly seem to be melting like vaccuum-formed plastic (deformations range from 0.1 inches to 37,000 inches on the same sheet metal part whose total size is less than 100 inches square x 0.105 inches thick)!

If there is an option to click, a button to press, that will make this go away, I'd be happy to know about it! I had this problem yesterday when dealing with beams and shells, but I thought I solved it by avoiding beams and switching to solids.

Any help would be appreciated!