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Exporting simulation results for use in an external program

Question asked by Flora Xanthaki on Jun 8, 2018



Could you please give me some help on how I can export simulation results for use in an external program (in Excel for instance)?


I have obtained the simulation results of time-extension curve for an axial compression test of a cylindrical specimen. What I want to do is to export these results for (processing) comparison, for example in Excel, or Matlab, in order to plot the simulation and the respective experimental curves in one graph.


I have followed the steps through Simulation > Export > Save as, and then, among the options of (.*geo) for Simulation Files, (.*ans) for ANSYS, (.*dat) for NASTRAN, (.*up) for ABAQUS, (.*neu) for Patran Neutral, (.*unv) for IDEAS universal, and (.*txt) for Exodus Files in types file available, I have selected Simulation Files and Exodus Files. When I selected the ',txt', this gave me the nodes` coordinates of the model in the simulation. In the case of Simulation Files '.geo', it led me to  a file that shows the simulation like an animation.

Could you clarify to me how the process evolves to export the simulation results? Still, what file type I have to choose to do so?


In the simulation study, I have input, selecting prescribed displacement in External Loads, the Extension with Time (values) and I want to get, from the simulation results, the stress outcome to observe how the stress forces behave/evolved in the mass density throughout the simulation (I have assigned the material and input the stress-extension curve when defining the properties in Property dialog box).

Could you clarify to me what process for exporting simulation results should be followed in this case?


I have been advised by SolidWorks (SW) Help, through Motion Study Troubleshooting, which explains that the software allows to export data for use in external program when right-click at the background of the plot and select Export and csv file; which does not appears as an option in file types when I try to do so.

Still, through Compare Test Data with Analysis Results, where SW allows comparison of analysis results with the measured values from prototype testing such as stress, strain and displacement, I tried to do this through the Table of Comparison. In this case when I try to complete the details of the study in the Add channel dialogue box, to add a study, some of the blanks are inactive like Reference, and even when I select a Component (direction) like X: SX Normal Stress, the details I have filled in cannot applied or the file I select does not appeared when I browse to find the file is required.

The same thing happens when I try to select 'Compare' option at the bottom of the Table of Comparison; it does not show the file that exists there.

Moreover, In Select vertex or reference point or the Input coordinates parts are like inactive and I cannot select neither.


From SolidWorks Help, I also checked out the type of files that I should use in my case; I saw that ASCI Files(.*sat) and possibly STEP Files, translator(s) support import and export of (body and face colours,) curves (,and wireframe geometry). Is that correct?


Sorry for the long text, I just tried to explain what difficulties I have found so far trying to find a solution by myself.

Thank you in advance for your response.


Kind regards,

F. Xanthaki