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How to determine if tesselation data is present?

Question asked by Jacob Morin on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Scott Stuart

How can I automate a check to see if tessellation data has been saved with a file?


How can I automate Edrawings to attempt to open every file in a directory, and report any failures to open?


More info:

One of our customers can only open the SW files we provided them with the edrawings viewer.  For whatever reason, a small percentage of these files won't open, returning an error about missing tessellation data.  Opening these files in SW2017 and saving them fixes the problem, but there are almost 6000 files in this package.  I don't want to manually attempt to open these one by one.


I have experimented with it a little, and it appears that I can fix the problem by running an update files task from the task scheduler.  This could be run overnight on large batches.  (Though I had an issue with task scheduler not completing the directory.  It might have timed out, but according to the save times reported by windows explorer, it ran through about fifty files in three minutes, then failed to complete the other fifty or so.  And the time-out was set for an hour...)


But even if I can correct the situation using the task scheduler, I have no way to verify this fix, without trying to open all 6k files, one at a time.