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    SW 2008 Tutorials doesn't work

      Hi, I'm having some problem to use the Tutoriasl in solidworks 2008:

      The first time I installed it in my pc, was working fine, but for hdd space problem, I uninstalled it, and them re-installed; now when I try to use the tutorials the program window resize for a moment, but but the tutorial windows doesn't open...

      Someone can help me please?
        • SW 2008 Tutorials doesn't work
          John Sweeney
          Hi Giancarlo,
          It sounds like we may not be finding the help file (.chm) for the tutorial. Perhaps it was not installed into the proper folder location when you performed the re-install...
          To determine this, locate your sldworks.exe installation folder. You should find a subfolder called "lang" which has further subfolders for each of your installed languages (ie: "english" or "italian", etc.). In the specific language folder (ie: "lang\italian"), you should find a swtutorial.chm file.

          If you do NOT see the swtutorial.chm file in that folder, then it may have been installed somewhere else on your machine. You can simply locate that file (an any other .chm files installed to the incorrect location) and move it to the proper langauge subfolder of your sldworks install.

          If you DO find the swTutorial.chm in the proper location, then try double-clicking it to open the tutorial. Now return to the SolidWorks window and select the "Help, Solidworks Tutorials" menu. It should resize the tutorial window and the SolidWorks window to roughly 1/3 and 2/3 of the screen respectively. If this doesn't happen, then we may have some kind of unique issue on your machine with regard to executing external commands and we can analyze further.

          I hope the first option works :-)

          Best Regards,
          • SW 2008 Tutorials doesn't work
            Tank you, the help file was located in the folder, but when I tried to open come out a message that was impossible to open mk:@MSITStore:
            Is some problem of windows file hhctrl.ocx, but I found the solution in this site: http://www.robworley.com/index.php/2005/windows_blows
            Now its working.