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API Userform Erorr on windows 10

Question asked by Brett Casteel on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Brett Casteel

I have several VBA macros with User forms that have been used for years with no issues on windows 7 PC's but on any of our Windows 10 PC's we get an Error (sometimes)

Run-Time error7: Could not find the specified object.

System Error &H8007003B (-2147024837) An unexpected network error occurred.


The windows 10 users can run the macros fine the 1st time and maybe the next 10 times. But after working in solidworks for a while this error will pop up when they go to use a macros with a userform. After the error happens if I go to debug it wont even let me see the visual version of any User-forms it gives the same error.


The only way to get the macro to run again is to Debug so it shows the code and do a file close. (Just recently discovered this would work they were closing solidworks completely and reopening)


I have checked everything i could think of no missing reference files

Made sure the user form was unloaded when done using

Changed the sleep settings on the hard drive

Told the network card not to sleep



Any ideas would be appreciated

Is there any way to tell solidworks to completely close a macro when done running?