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Modeling a variable pitch and vaiable inner diameter of helix structure with an intermittent tangential straights.

Question asked by Sreenath Perumal Ganeshbabu on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by Sreenath Perumal Ganeshbabu

Good Morning Solidworks Users,


I have a question on modeling a part to support my quality control team at my company. I have to model a spring which has a variable pitch and a variable inner diameter of helix structure for every revolution. Added to this, i need to insert a straight which is equal to 1/8 * coil diameter and it must be tangential to both the adjacent helical arcs so that i can model a complete tangential helix structure. The straight must be inserted in the structure for every 180° revolution of the helix and the coil has 3 revolutions in total. Can this be done in Solidworks 2013?


I tried doing this and i'm not able to make the straights tangetial to the second adjacent helical curve. Help needed.


All valuable suggestions and inputs are welcome. I would be glad to have your support on this. Thanks in advance and have a great days ahead.



Sreenath Perumal Ganeshbabu