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    Modeling a variable pitch and vaiable inner diameter of helix structure with an intermittent tangential straights.

    Sreenath Perumal Ganeshbabu

      Good Morning Solidworks Users,


      I have a question on modeling a part to support my quality control team at my company. I have to model a spring which has a variable pitch and a variable inner diameter of helix structure for every revolution. Added to this, i need to insert a straight which is equal to 1/8 * coil diameter and it must be tangential to both the adjacent helical arcs so that i can model a complete tangential helix structure. The straight must be inserted in the structure for every 180° revolution of the helix and the coil has 3 revolutions in total. Can this be done in Solidworks 2013?


      I tried doing this and i'm not able to make the straights tangetial to the second adjacent helical curve. Help needed.


      All valuable suggestions and inputs are welcome. I would be glad to have your support on this. Thanks in advance and have a great days ahead.



      Sreenath Perumal Ganeshbabu