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Mold with draft in both directions (parting line)

Question asked by Matt S. on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Matt S.

I'm trying to make a mold for a part that I have designed. I've never really used these features before. I've attached a sample image of a simplified version of what I'm trying to do. The black should be made by the cavity and the green the core. On the outside the part is all drafted in one direction. Then on the inside I have a hole part of which is made by the core and part of which is made by the cavity. How do I set up my parting line correctly to get this to work? When I initially tried this I set the parting line just to the top surface however then it, of course, ended up giving me a cavity which was just the outside and the core which had the entire inside which had a piece drafted in both directions.