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Difficulty with dropping fittings into route SW2018

Question asked by Nick Miller on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Kyle Taylor

We use routing heavily, and recently switched from 2016 to 2018.  Typically, after starting a route using the start at point function I'll draw the sketch of where I want the pipe to go, then drag & drop in elbows and tees accordingly.  This has worked well for me, with the elbows becoming route sketch fillets and the pipe model continuing down the route sketch to the next junction.  However, this doesn't seem to want to work in 2018.  Whenever I go to drop an elbow onto a route sketch the elbow itself stays visible (as oppose to becoming a route sketch fillet), the original pipe stub stays the same length as that segment of the route sketch, and no new pipe stub is created out the other end of the elbow.


If I go into options/routing and click off the box "automatically route on drop of fittings/connectors" this solves the problem, however now every time I drop anything with route points or connection points from our routing library into the assembly it wants to start a new route from that component.  I never had that box checked in 2016 and could drag & drop fittings into an assembly all day long.


Has anyone else experienced this before?