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part by part selection macro

Question asked by Marija Ackovska on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Marija Ackovska

Hello, I have been reading a lot of your post about macro creation and I have been trying to find my solution but I can't seem to manage so I decided to ask the question directly. Nedless to say I'm a newbie in the macro/VBA universe but I have been given a task to create a macro that would contain a loop in which the reaccuring events would be selecting a part from the current assembly, opening another macro and validating it and then moving on to the next part. As far as the opening of the macro and validating it I have found the solution, but I can't seem to succeed to make the code for selecting the parts one by one before validating them. Can someone help me with this issue ?

P.S. I have explored the SelectByID2 option, but since I need to use this code on assemblies with 100+ parts and subassemblies , this option wouldn't work.