Jason Capriotti

Quick View & eDrawing opening performance

Discussion created by Jason Capriotti on Feb 20, 2009
We've noticed that most of our computers here are very slow opening native SolidWorks drawing files with either eDrawings or using SolidWorks with the "Quick view" option checked.

I have one older laptop (Dell M60, circa 2002) and a spare 64bit Dell390 that opens most all drawings for viewing in 5 seconds or less. All our other Dell and HP workstations (Dual core) take 40-60 seconds to open the same drawing for viewing. Parts and assemblies open instantly. Opening the drawings in SolidWorks for editing is fast.....but still has some delay compared to the laptop and spare workstation.

All computers are running WinXP and SWX 2008 sp5.

Anyone else having this issue?