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Entering Vibration Profile

Question asked by James Galliers on Jun 6, 2018

Hi All,


I'm setting up a Sinusoidal Sweep between 7Hz to 200Hz for some battery pack testing I need to do. I was wondering how to enter the vibration profile in my study.  The spec calls up the following:


From 7Hz to a peak acceleration of 1g is maintained until 18Hz is reached. The amplitude is then maintained at 0.8mm (1.6 peak to peak) and the frequency increased until a peak of  2g occurs (approx. 25 Hz). A peak acceleration of 2g is then maintained up to 200 Hz.


Do I need to input all of these external loads individually or is there a function to generate one unique curve that you would use on an actual shaker table using constant acceleration and constant displacement functions?