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    Flow Simulation Meshing and Exporting capabilities

    guilherme  silva
      One customer asked me two questions:

      "Would you know if Solidworks Flow Simulation uses a panel, unstructured grid solver or a structured grid solver?

      And is it capable of producing a *.plt output file that contains information about the grids and flow solutions."

      Could someone help me to answer that?

      I preliminary answered....

      "I do not have any information about meshing in Flow Simulation package, whether it is structured or not. The meshing process is not clear to me.
      For sure is not panel because it solves RANS - Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equations with k-epsilon turbulence model.

      Regarding the features to import and export files, Flow Simulation is also limited. It does not talk to others like other commercial CFD tools do. Usually the CFD software can export results in FieldView, Ensight, Tecplot or other format but Flow Simulation does not. The meshing is the same basically. Other CFD import meshes from ICEM, MIME or others. "

        • Flow Simulation Meshing and Exporting capabilities
          Bill McEachern
          Floworks uses the multi block multi grid approach so it is a structured mesh in the sense that it is a cartesian code but arbitrary geomery is handle by using linear facets to approximate the solid fluid boundary. I believe STAR-CAD uses a similar approach in its wrapping technology to determine the solid fluid boundary on geometry where surface meshing is a problem. In Star-CD the volume is then meshed using and unstructured polyhedral mesh. In any event Floworks/Flow simulation does not have any export options with respect to its grid as only one other code that I know about is even close to similar in its implementation - another Russian code from the Moscow Academy of Sciences which is where Floworks get its heritage if I am not misteaken.

          In essence most western codes mesh the solid/fluid interface first and then blow the mesh into the fluid volume. Floworks does the opposite - it meshes the fluid volume first and then goes through each row of cells produced and approximates the solid/fluid boundary with linear facets on the rectangular cells. If the approximation is to coarse it refines the cells by deviding them in 8 and again facets the cells and uses its quality measures to assess if further refinement is needed and so on down the domain. Thus, small sliver faces or other CAD surface problems do not affect the meshing in Floworks. Floworks can automatically generate meshes for whatever resolution you want with just a few controls. Obvioulsy you need to throw enough cells at a given problem in the right locations and more controls are available for that if the fully auitomated approach doesn't fit your problem as well as youwould like. Hope that helps.
          • Flow Simulation Meshing and Exporting capabilities
            guilherme  silva
            And about mesh and results import and export? Why does not Flow SImulation have such features?
            • Flow Simulation Meshing and Exporting capabilities
              guilherme  silva
              To send to somebody else that does not have solidworks or to make more visual presentation of the results