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2018 custom report error

Question asked by Zac Hennen on Jun 5, 2018

I created a custom query that would combine cables and wires into one report.  It has worked with no issues until we updated to 2018.  I tried this on SP2 and SP3 and both give me the same error.  I tested the query using the SQL Query tab in the expert mode of the report's properties; and it worked successfully.  I then went to the "Sort and break" tab in the report properties and removed the sort and break conditions.  I applied the settings, re-ran the report and it worked just fine.  I tried to change which fields were being sorted, but anytime I have it sort or break by any field, i get the same error.


It seems to be something on my end, since all other reports work fine except my custom one, but it's strange how it doesn't work anymore.  I'm not an SQL expert so I may have created my query improperly, but then why does it test out okay?


Any ideas would be appreciated!