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Advice - Getting paid on a solid works contract job

Question asked by Teresa Avendano on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by M. B.

I have a client that I’ve never had a written contract with. Most of the time I wait till the completion of the project to submit an invoice, but if the project is really big I submit an invoice during the conceptual phase, fab drawing phase and assembly drawing phase.

I’ve always trusted them, I submit the SolidWorks models and wait to get paid. This last project I submitted an invoice for the conceptual model because it was taking months and I wanted money! I sent it in eDrawings format (which I always do for the conceptual phase). They rejected my invoice and said they would pay me when the whole project was done.   I told them no way, it could take months. They said, ok they would pay me, but they needed the SolidWorks model as proof that I actually did the work. I told them I sent the eDrawings already. They said eDrawings is not enough proof! They said no SolidWorks Model, no money.

They told me that it is their policy that all contractors get paid after a complete project is done and all the files are submitted. I doubt that all the contractors that work there would wait months and months to get paid and then give up all their files. I waited two months once for a check from them. I didn’t usually care because it’s a side job for me, but this time they owe me a lot. I don’t want to give them anything until I have a check.

I think this is so shady because they’ve paid me before in the middle of a project. I know this is a long round and about way of asking you guys what is common?  Do people usually submit the files and then get paid or get paid and then submit? I guess I’m just asking if I’m just  wrong here.