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Looking for Loblolly Pine Material Properties

Question asked by Jacob Adams on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Jacob Adams

I am a Packaging Engineer looking to do static simulations. Can anyone help me defining material properties for Loblolly Pine? Wood is Orthotropic so I need the following:

Note that Items with * are required by SW.

1. Elastic Modulus in X *

2. Elastic Modulus in Y *

3. Elastic Modulus in Z *

4. Poisson's Ratio in XY *

5. Poisson's Ratio in YZ *

6. Poisson's Ratio in XY *

7. Shear Modulus in XY

8. Shear Modulus in YZ

9. Shear Modulus in XZ

10. Mass Density *

11. Tensile Strength in X

12. Tensile Strength in Y

13. Compressive Strength in X

14. Compressive Strength in Y

15. Shear Strength in XY

16. Yield Strength