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CAD Admin Dashboard - Sort Order?

Question asked by John Wayman on Jun 5, 2018


I am starting to use the CAD Admin Dashboard here, and I am a little confused.

When I first launch the dashboard, I see a list of entries, but I cannot work out how they are sorted. The way i would prefer them to come up is in the order they were updated i.e. sorted on the 'Date Updated' column. However, in order to get it shown this way, I have to click the column heading twice (the first time it sorts in the wrong direction), then drag the slider bar up to the top.

Is there a way to change the default sort order?

What is the default sort order?

How come, after 5 years of development, it still takes more than a day for the information to get onto the dashboard?

Is it another 'nearly a good tool' from Solidworks? Or am I missing a trick or two?


SW2018, SP3

PDM Standard

Windows 10 Pro



Any suggestions?