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Solidworks 2017 Student Edition won't open

Question asked by Adam Baxter on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Adam Baxter

Afternoon I have purchased the student edition of solidworks 2017.  I installed it onto my system with no issues, all the programmes open up bar the actual SoildWorks 2017 3D CAD Programme.  It is really frustrating as I had Autodesk Inventor which I had no issues with and had to uninstall to use Solidworks as this is what the perferred college programme is.


I can double click the shortcut with no joy, rightclicking the then selecting open again no joy, accessing it from the windows menu once again no joy.  I have uninstalled and installed again, performed a repair install.  No joy.  Disabled the anti virus once again nothing. 


When I did do the re-install it did say that the system is requiring a reboot, so i did the restart option and when trying the re-install again I encountered the same message and no joy.

Technical details of the laptop are: