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    Tabulated Drawings

    Chad Schmidt
      Insert->tables->design table into a drawing is awful! Is there an easy method for getting the information from a configured part and assigning it to columns? I tried inserting BOM into a configured part drawing and it got me half way there but I couldn't display all the values for a dimension. Anyone using techniques to extract this information into a general table using a macro or API?
        • Tabulated Drawings
          Eddie Cyganik


          I would say that 35% of our detail drawings are for multiple configuration parts and all of them are documented using Design Tables. For the most part, DTs work very well for us. The major problem we have is the issue with the width and number of columns that can be shown using an MS Excel OLE on a drawing.

          What issues or problems are you having?

          Have you created your configurations manually? If so, there are still some things you can do to rectify your problem.

          More info please.